KENNETH JONES is an iOS app developer with years of experience developing apps for the iPhone. After learning iOS the hard way, he decided to fix a huge problem he noticed while learning iOS app development: half the iOS teachers teach the boring and hard way, and the other half only pretend to teach while giving you surface-level stuff that gets you nowhere.

He made it his mission to create a system that REALLY teaches people to build iOS apps and does it in a fun, engaging way. To do this, there are 3 core pillars you must have to go from TOTALLY LOST with no idea where to start to a confident and capable iOS developer working in the industry or making your own apps for the App Store.

On this page, I will walk you through these 3 core pillars that make becoming a REAL iOS developer not only simple, but fun and rewarding too.




To learn anything effectively, you need to be able to see the path ahead of you to see the knowledge you will gain and make decisions on where you want to go when the path forks. Sadly, most people have no clue what lies ahead when they start trying to learn something new. They see a shiny object far off in the distance and they know they want it, but they don't realize there's an ocean of fog between them, and they hit obstacles, they stumble and fall, and most people give up before ever reaching their goals.

Having a clear path ahead of you is already going to put you in the top 10% of learners, but even with a clear map, the journey can be tough and sometimes can seem impossible, which is where Pillar 2 comes in...


A mentor is crucial when learning a new skill. Someone who has already reached that shiny object, someone who knows the path so well they can get you there without hitting the seemingly impossible-to-overcome obstacles and who can guide you through the tough spots.

You will still have to be the one to walk the path, but with a clear view ahead, and a guide to get you there safely, people who have this Pillar will most definitely have a high chance of reaching their goals. But after a while you can start to get lonely and feel a sense of longing for something, which is why there's one last Pillar...


This is the one Pillar that most people never understand the importance of, and so they never use it to their advantage. Humans are built to be social creatures. If we're on our own for too long, we can start feeling rather lonely.

Of course there's nothing wrong with going against the grain and living different than the average person, and even blazing your own trail, but still, we're built in a way where having a community of like-minded individuals who are walking the same path and helping each other out during the rough times is something we all desire.

When you go to the gym and see others there, it makes it that much easier to stick with it and get your workout done. If your family gets together and decides to go on a new diet, that sense of community will be the thing that pushes you through the tough times. It's true with everything, and especially learning and building a new skill. To see the things others are creating, to share and swap ideas, to get help and encouragement from those around you, to see those ahead of you and realize what's possible, to see those coming after you and offering to help them. Again, YOU have to do the work to get there, but having that support community to keep you up when you're falling down is often the difference between those who fail and those who succeed. Click here to join our community.