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How to Make Only Part of the Screen Scrollable in iOS 16 with SwiftUI 4

Nov 16, 2022

Scrolling is one of those things you just expect in every iOS app you download onto your iPhone or iPad. It's so common and natural that no one really thinks about it.

But as iOS developers, we have to think about everything, including scrolling. If you don't add scrolling to your app, it won't scroll; it's that simple.

In Storyboards, it was like a 10-step process to add scrolling to your screen, and if you wanted scrolling on only part of your screen? Forget about it, cuz that was even more complicated.

But with SwiftUI, you can add scrolling to your app with just 1 line of code. No, I'm not joking. Below is a video I made teaching you how to add scrolling to your screen, how to make only part of your screen scrollable, and also how to add horizontal scrolling. Let me know what you think!